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A Scottboro Protest Exhibit


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1931 ILD (International Labor Defense) Pamphlet by Joseph Norris
Source (Catalog Item # 103)


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"Don't Let Them Burn!"--ILD 6-panel folder with petitions to fill out and send to
Alabama Governor Bibb Graves and Attorney General A. A. Carmichael.
Source (Catalog item # 96)


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ILD leaflet announcing demonstration, parade, and rally in
Chicago for the Scottsboro Boys.
Source (Catalog item # 102)


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James Allen on Scottsboro--"Smash The Scottsboro Lynch Verdict,"
published by Workers Library, April 1933. Impassioned, point-of-view
prose calls readers to action: Demand that African Americans
be guaranteed their right to sit on juries, to vote, to hold office,
to enjoy equal rights! March and protest against Jim Crowism,
lynching, persecution! Allen was historian and communist; in this pamphlet,
take special note of Scottsboro Boy Haywood Paterson, International
Labor Defense, and Communist Party efforts to free young Black
men falsely accused of rape in Deep South.
(Catalog item # 97)


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1933 ILD Leaflets in support of Scottsboro Boys
Source (Catalog item # 101)


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Angelo Herndon on Scottboro Boys. Herndon, formerly a political prisoner
and an African American communist, wrote about the Scottsboro boys in
1937 for Workers Library.
Source (Catalog item # 104)

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