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A Susan Howe Bibliography

howe1.jpg (81617 bytes)Poetry

Hinge Picture (Cherry Valley/Telephone Books, 1974)

Chanting at the Crystal Sea (Fire Exit/Corbett, 1975)

The Western Borders (Tuumba, 1976)

Secret History of the Dividing Line (Telephone Books, 1978)

Cabbage Gardens (Fathom, 1979)

Deep in a Forest of Herods (Pharos, 1979)

The Liberties (Loon, 1980)

Pythagorean Silence (Montemora Foundation, 1982)

Defenestration of Prague (Kulchur Foundation, 1983)

Articulation of Sound Forms in Time (Awede, 1987)

A Bibliography of the King's Book, or, Eikon Basilike (Paradigm, 1989)

The Europe of Trusts: Selected Poems (Sun & Moon, 1990)

Singularities (Wesleyan University Press, 1990)

The Nonconformist's Memorial (limited edition with illustrations by Robert Mangold, Gren Fell Press, 1992; New Directions, 1993)

Frame Structures: Early Poems, 1974-79 (New Directions, 1996)

Pierce-Arrow. (New Directions, 1999)


My Emily Dickinson (North Atlantic, 1985)

Incloser (Weaselsleeves Press, 1992)

The Birth-Mark: Unsettling the Wilderness in American Literary History (Wesleyan University Press, 1993)

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