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Robinson Jeffers Chronology

This Chronology is excerpted and modified from a longer chronology issued by The Jeffers Studies Homepage at Embry-Riddle University @ -- See below for more information.

Born 10 January at Allegheny (Pittsburgh), PA
Father: William Hamilton (49) (1838-1914)
Mother: Annie Robinson Tuttle (27) (1860-1921)
Married 30 April 1885

European tour with parents
Kindergarten in Zurich

Second tour
Kinbdergarten in Lucerne

"Twin Hollows" home in Zwickley
Visits Chicago World's Fair
13 October, brother Hamilton born

Methodist Summer Camp: swimming, music
First lessons in Latin: headaches, unhappiness, pedantic speech, gifted

School: Park Institute
Reads Quo Vadis by Sienkewitz

Pittsburgh Academy

Leipzig Day School for 6 months
Stern teachers

School at Geneva (1 year)
Hiked and swam alone, dubbed "Little Spartan"

Boarding school (Chateau de Vidy) at Lausanne (1 year)

(14 years old) School (the Pension) at Geneva
Book of D J Rossetti poetry, gift of father
Fall: School (Villaa Erika) in Zurich

Return to USA
Begins at University of West Pennsylvania (University of Pittsburgh)

Move to Long Beach, California, for father's health
Move to Highland Park, California
Junior at Occidental College (Presbyterian)

Publishes 13 poems

Graduates at 18 years
Enters USC
Meets Una Kuster (b.1 September 1984) in Faust class
Old English seminar from Dr. Dixon, expert on Scottish ballads
Dandy in dress

Enters USC Medical School
Sigma Phi Fraternity

21 years
Una grad student at USC, grad in Psychology
Special Assistant to Dr. Lyman Stookey
Taught Physiology at USC Dental College

Una's MA thesis on Mysticism, visits Jeffers at Hermosa Beach
Her phone code name "Theodosia"
RJ swimmer, runner, wrestler

Teddie Kuster discovers Una and RJ spent night on Mt. Lowe
September: RJ enrolls at U of Washington school of Forestry

Summer: returns to Los Angeles
Meets Una by chance

Una abroad at husband's urging (5 months)
Uncontested divorce but headlines in LA paper
RJ receives Legacy of $9,500 from cousin of maternal grandfather
December, publishes Flagons and Apples (Grafton Publishing Company, LA)

Una moves to Berkeley for graduate work in education
Marriage to Una Call Kustler, August 2 at Tacoma, Washington
Rent a house in La Jolla

They plan living in Lyme Regis on south coast of England
Daughter Maev born 5 May and dies the next day
September: moves to Carmel, California
Father dies December 20
Leaves annuity for $200/month; has $1,000 from John Robinson, his namesake

War years terrible
9 November twins born, Donnan and Garth
Macmillan published his "Californians"

They rent a log cabin
Drive old Ford
Much reading, few friends

Buy land for Tor House  on Mission Point, Carmel
Start construction August 15

Begins Hawk Tower
Una in hospital
Death of mother

Una's hysterectomy
Una sends RJ's poems to New York through a friend
George Sterling friendship begins
Writes "Tamar" as Eliot publishes "The Waste Land"

Publishes Tamar and Other Poems New York: Peter Boyle

RJ 38 years
Finishes tower
"Discovered" by James Rorty, editor of "New Masses"
Boni & Liveright publish Roan Stallion, Tamar and Other Poems

George Sterling's "Robinson Jeffers: The Man and the Artist" by Boni & Liveright

Reading Stevenson, Galsworthy to sons
Sandburg visits
Publishes The Woman at Point Sur (Boni & Liveright)

More friends
Poems printed at Book Club of California
Cawdor and Other Poems (Horace Liveright)

Trip to Ireland (June-December), gift of Albert Bender
$500 for "Cawdor" Ms
Motor 4.000 miles
Then Scotland, England
Miss meeting Yeats
Visit George Moore estate, Virginia Woolf
Lake District: Bronte Home, Wordsworth cottage, Stonehenge, Iverness
Dear Judas and Other Poems (Horace Liveright)
Jeffer's Noh play and narrative of "The Loving Shepherdess"
Louis Adamics' chapbook "Robinson Jeffers: A Portrait"

First summer at Taos, New Mexico, with Mabel Dodge Luhan. Summer trips follow in 1933, 1934, 1935, 1937, and 1938.
Children in 7th grade at Sunset school

Expand house with dining room between house and garage
Publication of Descent to the Dead, his Irish poems by Random House

"The Tower Beyond Tragedy" staged at Berkeley
Demand for poems in magazines
Time magazine features Jeffers' portrait on its cover 4 April for Thurso's Landing and Other Poems (Liveright)
S.S. Alberts A Bibliography of the Works of Robinson Jeffers at Random House
Lawrence Clark Powell publishes first doctoral dissertation on Jeffers at Dijon
Mabel Luhan publishes her Lorenzo in Taos at Alfred Knopf as a letter to Robinson Jeffers explaining her experience of D.H. Lawrence

Change of publishers from Liveright to Random House
Give Your Heart to the Hawks and Other Poems (Randon House)

RJ 47, Una 48, twins 18
Trip to New Mexico and Grand Canyon

Donnan and Garth at Salinas Junior college
Una has operation
Random House issues Solstice and Other Poems

Twins at International House, UC Berkeley 
Book of the Month Club Award fro Solstice and Other Poems
Taos in June

Awarded Doctor of Literature by Occidental College
Trip to Ireland (June-October)
National Institute of Arts and Letters elects Jeffers to membership
Such Counsels You Gave to Me and Other Poems (Random House)

Brother Hamilton flies Jeffers in Stearman
biplane to Death Valley
Taos catastrophe: Una's attempted suicide
December publication of The Selected Poetry by Random House

Edith Greenan publishes Of Una Jeffers

Jeffers elected to Honorary Phi Beta Kappa membership at USC

"Tower Beyond Tragedy" staged in Carmel with Judith Anderson playing the lead, Clytemnestra. John Gassner directs.
Lecture tour: Utah, Kansas City, Butler, Buffalo, Columbia, Harvard, U Pittsburgh
RJ plane-spotter 
Una in Red Cross
Phone installed
Be Angry at the Sun and Other Poems

Induction into American Academy of Arts & Letters

Medea, adapted by RJ from Euripides, published by Random House

"Dear Judas" closes in Main, unsuccessful Michael Meyerberg production in New York. Play banned in Boston.
National Theater stages "Medea" with Dame Judith Anderson in the lead.

Random House publishes The Double Axe and Other Poems
Severe pleurisy in Ireland (June)
Adapting Schiller's play "Mary Stuart" with alternate parts on alternate nights for Judith Anderson

Una suffering much pain from "sciatica"
Treated for cancer at UC hospital, San Francisco

Una dies September 1 
American National Theatre and Academy opens"The Tower Beyond Tragedy" with Dame Judith Anderson as Clytemnestra

Eunice Tietjens Memorial Prize for poems in Poetry Magazine

Grabhorn Press publishes Hungerfield

Random House publishes Hungerfield & Other Poems
Arena Stage (Washington, D.C.) produces "The Cretan Woman"
Jeffers edit's Una's diaries, Visits To Ireland, printed by Ward Ritchie Press

Borestone Mountain Poetry Award for Hungerfield
Stanford University produces "The Cretan Woman"

The Book Club of California publishes Themes in My Poems from his 1941 lecture at the Library of Congress
Last trip to Ireland
The Loving Shepherdess published by Merle Armitage and Ward Ritchie Press illustrated by Jean Kellogg

Receives award from Academy of American Poets

Shelly Memorial Award by the National Poetry Society

Jeffers dies (age 75) in his sleep in the bed by the window at Tor House


Consult the Jeffers Studies web site for continuation of the chronology to the present. The Jeffers Studies page of the World Wide Web [] offers a rich menu: (1) current JS articles published electronically and anticipating inclusion in the JS annual issue, (2) an archive of JS past issue articles, (3) JS reviews, (4) a bibliography of works by Jeffers, (5) a bibliography of biographic and critical works on the poet, (6) a Jeffers chronology, (7) a biographic sketch, (8) an ongoing year by year bibliography of pertinent articles, chapters, and books, (9) links to cognate Web sites, including the entire 1353 pages of A Literary History of the American West (Fort Worth: Texas Christian U P, 1987) which, under Part 2: “Many Wests—Far West,” has an 18 page chapter on Jeffers, and (10) the 60-page index to issues 1-100 (1962-1996) of the Robinson Jeffers Newsletter, the previous “Journal of Record” for Jeffers studies. The Web Site also features a Web page on the Robinson Jeffers Association, RJA’s call for papers, an archive of past RJA conferences, announcements of activity such as the annual essay contest, and a forum for discussion. Upon its appearance in Jeffers Studies 3.3 (in June 2000) a 50-year, 70-page Jeffers bibliography, 1950-1999, will also be available there.

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