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Selected Works by Edgar Lee Masters

1915    Spoon River Anthology (Macmillan)

1916    Songs and Satires (Macmillan)

1916    The Great Valley (Macmillan)

1918    Toward the Gulf (Macmillan)

1919    Starved Rock (Macmillan)

1920    Domesday Book (Macmillan)

1921    The Open Sea (Macmillan)

1924    The New Spoon River (Boni and Liveright)

1929    The Fate of the Jury: An Epilogue to Domesday Book (D. Appleton and Company)

1930    Lichee Nuts (Horace Liveright)

1933    The Serpent in the Wilderness (Sheldon Dick)

1935    Invisible Landscapes (Macmillan)

1935     Vachel Lindsay: A Poet in America (Charles Scribner's Sons)

1936    Poems of People (D. Appleton-Century Co.)

1936    Across Spoon River: An Autobiography (Farrar and Rinehart)

1937    Whitman (Charles Scribner's Sons)

1937    The New World (D. Appleton-Century Co.)

1938    Mark Twain: A Portrait ( Charles Scribner's Sons)

1939    More People (D. Appleton-Century Co.)

1940    The Living Thoughts of Emerson (Longmans, Green, and Company)

1941    Illinois Poems (The Press of James A. Decker)

1942    Along the Illinois (The Press of James A. Decker)

1942    The Sangamon (Farrar and Rinehart)

from Ronald Primeau, Beyond Spoon River: The Legacy of Edgar Lee Masters. University of Texas Press, 1981, xiii.

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