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W. S. Merwin (1927- )

| About W.S. Merwin | On "The Drunk in the Furnace" | On "It Is March" | Broadside Version of "For a Coming Extinction" | Manuscript Versions of "Caesar" | On "The Room" | On "December Among the Vanished" | On "For the Anniversary of My Death" | On "The Asians Dying" | The First Draft of "The Asians Dying" | On "For a Coming Extinction" | On "Looking for Mushrooms at Sunrise" | On "The Gardens of Zuņi" | About John Wesley Powell--Background to "The Gardens of Zuņi" | On "Beginning" | On "Sun and Rain" | Merwin's "Notes for a Preface" | On "The Horse" | Merwin--On Political Poetry | Merwin--On Ecology | About the Vietnam War | Merwin--"What is American about American Poetry?"Merwin on Poetic Meaning and Translating Dante | An Online Interview | Reviews of Merwin's Books | Bibliography | Online Poems | External Links |

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