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N. Scott Momaday (1934- )

| Biographical, Literary and Multicultural Contexts | Momaday on the American West | On "Plainview: 3" | On "Buteo Regalis" | About Buteo Regalis, the Ferruginous Hawk | On "Crows in a Winter Composition" | On "The Stalker" | On "Carriers of the Dream Wheel" | On "The Burning" | On "Rings of Bone" | About the Wounded Knee Massacre | On "December 29, 1890" | On "Purple" | On "The Shield That Came Back" | A Collection of Quotations Relating to N. Scott Momaday's Poetry | Excerpt from The Names | Online Interview with Momaday | Momaday's Shield Paintings | 19th-Century Native American Shields | Vision Statement for The Buffalo Trust | Momaday Book Jackets |

Prepared and Compiled by Kenneth M. Roemer

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