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A Marianne Moore Exhibit


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"Marianne Moore and Her Mother"
1925 oil painting by Marguerite Zorach.
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.



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First day (April 18, 1990) card for the U.S. Post Office's Marianne Moore Stamp.
Original painting for the FleetwoodŽ  First Day of Issue Maximum Card by Shannon Stirnweis.

A manuscript version of Moore's "Blessed is the Man" from the Special Collections Division of St. Lawrence University

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Blessed is the Man
Who Does not sit in the seat of the scoffer--
12 or 13 lines

All(?) Ulysses' companions are now political
living self-indulgently until the moral sense is drowned,
having lost all power of comparison,
thinking license emancipates one, "slaves when they themselves
                                                                 have bound,"
Brazen authors, downright soiled and
                         downright spoiled as if soured

and exceptional, are the old quasi-modish counterfeit
proofing conscience against character
affronted by private lies and public shamed. Blessed
                                in the grottos
who favor what is superilious do not favor--
who will not comply. Blessed, the unaccomodating man
Blessed the man whose faith is indifferent
from possessiveness--of a kind not favored by
                            things which do not appear
who will not visualize defeat to intent to cover:
whose illumined eye has seen the shaft that
        gill (?) the sultan's tower.

transcribed at Dr. Piskor's request
entire piece should have been
                   12 or 13 lines

Marianne Moore


Marianne Moore compiled this list of greatest literary works for the book Pour une Bibliotheque Ideale, edited by Raymond Queneau.

Auden, W. H.. The Double Man; Collected Shorter Poems
Blake, William. Poems.
Burke, Edmund. Speeches.
Byron. Letters.
Carroll, Lewis. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Cavalcanti, Guido. Donna Mi Prega.
Chaucer, Geoffrey. Troilus and Cressida; Canterbury Tales.
Cocteau, Jean. Poemes; Theatre; Essais critiques.
Coleridge, Samuel. Poems; Biographia Literaria.
Comtesse de Segur. Les Malheurs de Sophie.
Corbiere, Tristan. Les Amours jaunes.
Cummings, e. e.. Eimi; Poems.
Dante. The Divine Comedy; La Vita Nuova.
Donne, John. Letters; Poems.
Dumas, Alexandre. Les Trois Mousquetiers.
Eliot, T. S.. Poems; Plays; The Use of Poetry and the Use of Criticism.
Fabre, Jean-Henri. Souvenirs entomologiques; Littre
Flaubert, Gustave. Madame Bovary
Goldsmith, Oliver. Vicar of Wakefield; Plays; Poems.
Gregory, Horace. Criticism.
Hardy, Thomas. Poems; Tess of the d'Urbervilles; A Pair of Blue Eyes.
Hawthorne, Nathanial. Notebooks; Fiction.
Henryson, Robert. Poems and Fables.
Hopkins, Gerald Manley. Poems; Letters.
James, Henry. Prefaces; Letters; Novels.
Johnson, Samuel. Lives of the Poets.
Joyce, James. Poems; Novels; Dubliners.
Keats, John. Letters; Poems.
Lamb, Charles. Letters.
Lear, Edward. The Owl and the Pussycat.
Levin, Harry. Studies of Joyce; Stendhal; Flaubert; Balzac.
Maritain, Jacques. "Religion and the Intellectuals" (Partisan Review Symposium).
Melville, Herman. Poems; Short novels.
Moliere. Theatre.
Nash, Ogden. Poems.
Niebuhr,Reinhold. The Dilemma of Modern Man
Pascal. Pensees.
Perrault, Charles. Contes.
Perse, Saint-John. Eloges; Exil.
Plato. The Dialogues
Plutarch. Pope, Alexander. Essay on Criticism.
Potter, Beatrix. Peter Rabbit; Squirrel Nutkin.
Pound, Ezra. Translations of the Analects of Confucius; Poems.
Proust, Marcel. Maxims.
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. Italian Poets before Dante.
Sainte-Beuve. Portraits contemporains.
Saintsbury, George. A Short History of English Literature; The English Novel.
Shakespeare, William. Sonnets; Midsummer Night's Dream; Hamlet; Macbeth.
Sidney, Sir Philip. Defense of Poesie; Poems.
Smart, Christopher. Poems.
Stein, Gertrude. The Making of Americans; The GeographicalHistory of America.
Stendhal. Le Rouge et le Noir; De l'Amour; Memoires d'un Touriste.
Stevens, Wallace. Poems; Prose commentaries.
Swift, Jonathan. Gulliver; Journal.
Trollope, Anthony. Autobiography; Phineas Finn.
Valery, Paul. La Soiree avec M. Teste; Poemes; Variete; Introduction a la Methode de Leonard de Vinci.
Various: Greek Reader (Viking Press).
Voltaire. Correspondance.
Wilson, Edmund. Joyce; Axel's Castle.
Xenophon. On Hunting; Hipparchicus; On Horsemanship.


A Marianne Moore Letter from the Special Collections Division of St. Lawrence University

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Moore's Grave--Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA.
Photo courtesy of Ron Williams


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