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Drafts of Plath's "Stings"


Sylvia Plath


Original Drafts of the Poem
in Facsimile
Reproduiced from
the Sylvia Plath Collection
at Smith College


With an Essay by Susan R. Van Dyne

Northhampton, Massachusettes
Smith College Library Rare Book Room

Copyright 1982, by Smith College and the Estate of Sylvia Plath


Manuscript, on Memorandum paper, 3 pages

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Typescript, with manuscript revision, on
Memorandum paper, 2 pages

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Typescript, with minor corrections, on
Memorandum paper, 2 pages

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Typescript, carbon copy, 2 pages; the reverse of
the original was used for writing the first draft
of "Winter trees" (page 2 reproduced)

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Typescript, with correction of typing errors, 2 pages

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