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Picasso, Guernica (detail)

About the Spanish Civil War

| The Spanish Civil War--by Cary Nelson | A Spanish Civil War Photo Essay | Chronology of the Spanish Civil War--by Jefferson Hendricks and Cary Nelson | Spanish Civil War Letters by American Volunteers | Spanish Civil War Posters | "The Aura of the Cause: Photographs from the Spanish Civil War" | "Old Soldiers"--by Tony Hendra | Barcelona in 1936--by George Orwell | "Spilling the Spanish Beans"--An Essay by George Orwell | "Premature Anti-Fascist"--by Bernard Knox | International Brigades Flags | An Anarchist Perspective on the Spanish Civil War | La Pasionaria's Farewell Address | About Durrutti | About Francisco Ferrer | Hemingway--"On the American Dead in Spain" | External Links |

Prepared and Compiled by Cary Nelson

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