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Genevieve Taggard (1894-1948)

| Biographical Note | On Traveling Standing Still | Review of Calling Western Union | On "Everyday Alchemy" | On "Mill Town" | On "To the Negro People" | "The Abraham Lincoln Brigade of the Spanish Civil War," by Sam Sills -- [Background on Taggard's "To the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade"] | About the Spanish Civil War | About the Great Depression | Taggard's Introduction to May Days (1926) | Taggard--An Autobiographical Essay  (1927) | Taggard's Introduction to Circumference (1929) | Taggard's Preface to Origin: Hawaii (1947) | A Genevieve Taggard Exhibit--by Cary Nelson | About Marian Anderson and Her Lincoln Memorial Concert |

Prepared and Compiled by Nancy Berke

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